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Product Name Model Price  
10 0z Super Middleweight Brushed Cotton Elastic Waist PantKFU1163$74.99CAD
10 inch Vinyl Speed BagKFU11124$47.99CAD
10 oz Super Middleweight Brushed Cotton Sleeveless JacketKFU1162$69.99CAD
10 oz Super Middleweight Brushed Cotton UniformKFU11998$119.99CAD
100lbs Vinyl Heavy Training Bags with FREE Bag Gloveskfu12778$189.99CAD
108 Movements of the Shaolin Wooden-Men Hall Part I &IIKFU618$15.95CAD
116 Wing Tsun Dummy TechniquesKFU05$24.99CAD
12 oz Heavyweight Contact PantKFU12025$74.99CAD
12 oz Heavyweight Pro PantKFU12027$69.99CAD
12 oz Heavyweight Traditional PantKFU12026$74.99CAD
12 oz. Tokaido Arashi Uniform495$209.99CAD
14 oz Ironman UniformKFU11259$189.99CAD
18 Daoist Palms SystemLACYD$29.99CAD
2" Deluxe Black BeltKFU588$29.99CAD
7.25 oz Middleweight Student Elastic Waist PantKFU1161$34.99CAD
7.25 oz Middleweight Student JacketKFU12011$44.99CAD
7.25 oz Middleweight Student Uniform with Elastic PantKFU1159$59.99CAD
8 oz Middleweight Brushed Cotton Elastic Waist Pantkfu12775$64.99CAD
8 oz Middleweight Brushed Cotton UniformKFU1158$99.99CAD
8 oz Middleweight Contact Pantkfu12772$49.99CAD
8 oz Middleweight Traditional Jacketkfu12771$49.99CAD
8 oz Middleweight Traditional Pantkfu12773$54.00CAD
8 oz. Middleweight Sleeveless Jacket$54.99CAD
ActionFlex EscrimaKFU12058$64.99CAD
ActionFlex Shoto KnifeKFU12056$49.95CAD
ActionFlex Tanto KnifeKFU12057$54.99CAD
adidas Adi - Kick I Training ShoesXMAS1601$119.00CAD
Adidas Adi TKD III Trainersxmas02$119.99CAD
Adidas AdiChamp UniformKFU11225A$103.99CAD
adidas Adistar Bag GlovesADIBG05$99.95CAD
adidas Adistar Training GloveADIBC03$169.99CAD
adidas AdiStrike EarguardADIEG$89.99CAD
Adidas AdiuxKFU524$119.99CAD
adidas Amateur Boxing Competition GlovesAIBAG1$189.95CAD
adidas Amateur Boxing Competition HeadgearAIBAH1$169.99CAD
adidas Anatomical Groin GuardADGG2$49.95CAD
adidas Ankle Pad "Reversible"ADICHT01$25.99CAD
Adidas Arm ProtectorKFU11205$44.99CAD
adidas Club BeltAD11$29.99CAD
Adidas Cobra glovesadi101$49.95CAD
adidas Cup Supporter "Micro Mesh"ADIBP06$39.99CAD
adidas Double End BallADIBAC10$59.95CAD
Adidas Double Training MittKFU170$59.99CAD
Adidas Double-Weave Ultimate Judo UniformADJ930$259.99CAD
Adidas Evolution Judo UniformADJ180E$79.99CAD
Adidas Grandmaster Uniform with 3 StripesKFU11224$159.99CAD
Adidas Judo Training UniformADJ500$159.99CAD
Adidas K220K Club Master Karate Uniformadi103$159.95CAD
adidas Karate GlovesADKM1$64.99CAD
adidas Karate Gloves with ThumbADKM2$64.99CAD
adidas Karate Gloves with Thumb and Gel PaddingADKM4$69.99CAD
adidas Karate Grandmaster WKF UniformADK220SK$169.95CAD
Adidas Karate Training UniformADK220$129.95CAD
adidas Leather Double End BallADBAC10C$109.99CAD
adidas Leather Performer Head GuardADIBHG03$129.99CAD
adidas Mesh Supporter with CupADGG1$34.95CAD
adidas Mexican-Style Hand WrapsADIBP03C$18.99CAD
adidas Muay Thai Shorts FireADISTH03$49.95CAD
adidas Muay Thai Shorts Half/HalfADISTH01$49.95CAD
adidas Muay Thai Shorts StripesADISTH02$49.95CAD
Adidas New Chest GuardKFU11220$109.99CAD
Adidas Open Style Traditional UniformAOW000$109.99CAD
Adidas Open Uniform - Whiteadi02$129.00CAD
adidas Professional Ice End SwellingSWELPRO$64.99CAD
adidas Response boxing Head GuardADIBHG02$89.99CAD
ADIDAS Shin GuardKFU11203$44.99CAD
adidas Single Mouth GuardADIBP09$13.99CAD
Adidas Sparring head gearKFU15003$69.99CAD
Adidas Speed BagKFUADIBAC09$54.99CAD
Adidas Student Judo UniformADJ350$109.99CAD
Adidas Super Master Uniform - NEW!KFU11224A$179.99CAD
Adidas Taekwondo Martial Arts Striking Pad Kicking BlackKFU11530$189.99CAD
Adidas TKD Champ II UniformADI2001$129.99CAD
adidas TKD Champion UniformADI2003$129.95CAD
adidas TKD Long KicksADI20304$69.99CAD
adidas TKD Short KicksADI20305$59.99CAD
Adidas TKD WTF GlovesADI20311$69.99CAD
Adidas® 2" Black BeltKFU11520$34.99CAD
Advanced Knife Disarming Techniques189109D$29.99CAD
AGEG - Adistrike Wrestling/MMA/Grappling Ear GuardsNY01$89.99CAD
AL6000 Competition Kamakfu12754$89.95CAD
Aluminum Hestitan Keychain1349$19.99CAD
Aluminum Hestitan Keychain with point, Black1329$19.99CAD
Aluminum Octagon SaiKFU67$69.99CAD
Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na DVDKFU500$69.99CAD
Animal Wall Scrolls13198$49.99CAD
Appreciation of Boxing and Weapon with Shi DeyangKFU1076$59.99CAD
Appreciation of Hsing-I Quan & Weapons Form with Di GuoyongKFU1111$39.95CAD
Appreciation of Shaolin Kung Fu 3 DVDs Set with Shi DeyangKFU1074$59.99CAD
Arsenio Advinculas Stickfighting Techniques Series Titles100341$29.99CAD
Athletic CupKFU124$14.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun 108 Mok Yan Jong Form DVDKFU277$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Biu Gee Form DVDKFU301$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Chum Kiu Form DVDKFU300$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Concepts & Philosophy DVDKFU304$29.95CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Fundamentals DVDKFU278$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao DVDKFU279$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Sparring DVDKFU302$29.99CAD
Augustine Fong - Wing Chun Weapons DVDKFU303$29.99CAD
Authentic Wing Tsun Kung FuKFU01$49.95CAD
Balisong Series TitlesSONGD$29.99CAD
Bamboo Card Holder13119$29.99CAD
Bamboo Frame13628$39.99CAD
Bamboo Straight BoKFU12067$79.99CAD
Bamboo Tapered BoKFU12068$79.99CAD
Basic Knife Disarming189345D$29.99CAD
Basic Single Stick EskrimaSIPIND$39.99CAD
Basic Skills in Shaolin Wushu DVDKFU1024$39.99CAD
Belt DisplaysKFU112300$59.99CAD
Belt Key Chain13333$7.99CAD
Belt Magnets132700$14.99CAD
Big Arms Through Boxing with Shi DeyangKGU1080$39.99CAD
Big Cannon Boxing Routine IIKFU1141$39.99CAD
Big Cannon Boxing Routine II with Shi DeyangKFU1068$39.99CAD
Bill Wallace Superfoots Secrets for Success Series TitlesSPRFTD$39.95CAD
Bill Wallace VersaFlex189140d$29.99CAD
Biu Tze – The “Thrusting Fingers” Set of Wing TsunKFU1137$24.99CAD
Black Belt Distressed Cap468$19.99CAD
Black Belt Ring13338$44.95CAD
Black Feiyue ShoeFEIYUE$34.95CAD
Black Shirasaya SwordKFU12208$129.99CAD
Black Stripe BeltsKFU12050$14.99CAD
Bo CaseKFU530$49.99CAD
Bo/Yin Yang PatchKFU604$8.99CAD
Bodhidharma Channel Changing Scripture 2 DVDs with Shi DeyangKFU1061$59.99CAD
Bodhidharma SwordKFU15$49.99CAD
Body ShieldKFU160$109.99CAD
Bokken, Practice Swordkfu12791$29.99CAD
Bot Bo - Shaolin #8 DVDKFU624$49.95CAD
Boxing: A 12 Week Coursetubox$29.95CAD
Brain Pad Mouthguard Lo Pro FemaleKFU12187$24.95CAD
Brain Pad® Pro Plus Mouthguard$69.99CAD
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu18333D$29.99CAD
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for MMA189168D$29.99CAD
Breaking Wood Boards - Pack of 3KFU12202$19.99CAD
Broadsword Master KitKFU12217$149.99CAD
Brutal TakedownsKFU12140$29.95CAD
Budo Wall Mountable 10 Level Belt Displaykfu12804$99.99CAD
Business Card Case13422$21.99CAD
Cane Master KitKFU12221$99.99CAD
Capoeira With Mestre Barrao Series TitlesCAPOD$39.99CAD
Casey Marks Dynamic Bo Staff18421D$44.99CAD
Catching and Holding Paired Practice withLiang ShouzhongKFU1118$39.99CAD
CENTURY BOB XL - Body Opponent BagXMAS01$459.00CAD
Century Compression Short with Cup14214$49.99CAD
Century CREED Thai Pad with Elbow Shield106001$219.00CAD
Century CREED Traditional Thai Pad106000$199.95CAD
Century Drive Grappling HeadgearNY02$69.00CAD
Century Extra Long Thai Pad104002$79.99CAD
Century Extra Thick Thai Pad104001$79.99CAD
Century FootwearKFU11670$79.99CAD
Century Gold Leather Mesh Palm Training Glove143013$79.95CAD
Century Head Gear144007$79.99CAD
Century Leather Wrap GlovesKFU11537$109.99CAD
Century Muay Thai Heavy Bagkfu12759$299.99CAD
Century Powerline C-Gear BootsSL001$39.95CAD
Century Rapid-Lok Boxing GlovesTNA05$49.95CAD
Century Shin Instep Guard144006$94.99CAD
Century Silver Open Palm Gloves144014$59.95CAD
Century Speed Bag Glove144004$49.99CAD
Centurys Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Training GloveKFU11126$59.99CAD
Century® Gold Belly Pad103005$139.99CAD
Century® MMA Glove144000$59.99CAD
Century® Silver Open-Face Headgear144008$69.99CAD
Century® Versys VS 1 Fights Simulator - 110lbs10184RE$299.99CAD
Century® Versys™ V.SPAR.1 Spar Simulator Youth 40lbs10187$219.00CAD
Century® Versys™ V.SPAR.2 Spar Simulator10188$259.00CAD
Century® Versys™ VS.2 Fight Simulator - 50lbs10185$499.99CAD
Century® Versys™ VS.3 Fight Simulator - 100lbs10186$599.99CAD
Certificate CD-RomKFU12158$49.95CAD
Certificate of ParticipationKFU12160$12.99CAD
Certificate of RankKFU12159$12.99CAD
Chain Foam NunchakuKFU330$24.99CAD
Chang Hu Xin Yi Men QuanKFU1142$39.99CAD
Chen Taijiquan - Lao Jia Yi Lu & Straight Swordymaad0819$49.99CAD
Chibi Paired Practice withLiang ShouzhongKFU1117$39.99CAD
Chin Na In Depth Courses 9 - 12ymaad629$96.99CAD
Chinese Wushu Series TitlesKFU1172$29.99CAD
Chinese Wushu Series TitlesKFU12134$29.95CAD
Chrissy Concepcion Rock Solid: Competition Kamas189350D$39.99CAD
Chromed Steel Straight Sword With CaseKFU91$79.99CAD
Chum Kiu – The Intermediate Wing Tsun Kungfu SetKFU1132$24.99CAD
Chum Sam (Strike to the Heart): Shaolin #4 DVDKFU625$49.95CAD
Cindy Omatsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series TitlesCINDYD$39.99CAD
Circle Flame Patch8121$5.99CAD
Cloth Forearm & Hand PadKFU141$24.99CAD
Cloth Forearm PadKFU39$17.99CAD
Cloth Martial Artist Hand PadKFU142$18.95CAD
Cloth Shin & Instep PadKFU41$29.99CAD
Cloth Shin PadKFU42$24.99CAD
Collapsible Koozie13124$14.95CAD
Colorblock Splice Team UniformKFU575$89.95CAD
Competition KamaKFU536$79.95CAD
Competition TonfaKFU324$69.99CAD
Crouching Tiger: Taming the Warrior Withintuct$24.95CAD
Cylinder Display13010$49.95CAD
Da Hong Quan Routine I - 2 DVD Set by Shi DeyangKFU1046$59.99CAD
Da Hong Quan Routine II DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1047$39.99CAD
Da Hong Quan Routine III with Shi DeyangKFU1082$39.99CAD
Dana Abbott Katana XL Sword$899.99CAD
Daniel Sterling Rock Solid Kicks and Tricks Series Titles189176D$39.99CAD
Daniel Sterling Rock Solid: Kamas Series Titles189323D$39.99CAD
Danny Padillas Body Building Series TitlesBD$29.99CAD
Dave Durch: Wing Chun for MMA189111D$39.99CAD
Deluxe Escrima StickKFU61$24.99CAD
Deluxe Kama CaseKFU531$34.99CAD
Deluxe Wood Hestitan Keychain1344$14.99CAD
Dog Tags - Dragon132687$13.99CAD
Double Broadsword Master KitKFU12225$119.95CAD
Double Broadswords with CaseKFU15001$94.99CAD
Double Butterfly Combat SwordsKFU12206$279.00CAD
Double Butterfly Sword Master KitKFU12210$149.95CAD
Double Dagger Master KitKFU12222$79.95CAD
Double DaggersKFU94$59.99CAD
Double Gen (Chinese Sai)KFU47$49.95CAD
Double Hand Nunchakus (DVD)KFU1009$39.99CAD
Double Handed Head ChopperKFU95$0.00CAD
Double Melon HammerKFU654$119.99CAD
Double Straight SwordsKFU97$89.95CAD
Double Tiger Hook Swords, LightweightKFU98$129.95CAD
Double Weave Instructor Jiu-Jitsu Uniform04002$179.95CAD
Double Weave Instructor Jiu-Jitsu Uniform4002$179.95CAD
Dragon Springs Sword DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1058$39.99CAD
Dragon Swordsl011$89.95CAD
Dual Blocker Kit and Hand Target Combokfu12796$84.99CAD
DVD : The Science Of In-Fighting By Sifu Wong Shun LeungKFU314$19.95CAD
Dynamic Wing Tsun VideoKFU274$49.99CAD
Eight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health - The Eight Brocadesymaad0037$49.99CAD
Eight-Section BrocadeKFU45$49.95CAD
Eight-step Hook Paired Practice with Liang ShouzhongKFU1116$39.99CAD
Eighteen Methods of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu with Shi DeyangKFU1075$39.99CAD
Eighteen Saint Skills DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1063$39.99CAD
Emei PiercerKFU99$54.99CAD
Escrima CaseKFU533$24.99CAD
Escrima with Jute Wrapped HandleKFU11242$35.99CAD
Escrima/Yin Yang PatchKFU605$8.99CAD
Essence of Taiji Qigongymaad0215$49.99CAD
Essential Concepts of Brazilian Jiu-JitsuVANDRYD$39.99CAD
Extra Long Thai Pad103002$109.99CAD
Extra Thick Thai Pad103001$119.99CAD
Extreme Bo Tricking18412D$44.99CAD
Feihong Double Armguard BroadswordKFU1110$39.95CAD
Felix Valencia Ultimate Knife Fighting Series TitlesKFU12105$39.99CAD
Female Groin GuardKFU11504$44.95CAD
Fitness Kickboxing Workout DVDtudvd-fit$24.95CAD
Five Animal Sports Qigongymaad1106$49.99CAD
Fixed Blade Training Knife12774$44.99CAD
Floor Fighting Series TitlesKFU1176$29.99CAD
Foam Blade Kamas$29.99CAD
Foam EscrimaKFU64$15.99CAD
Foam TonfaKFU72$29.99CAD
Folding Lock Blade Training Knife12773$35.99CAD
Frame Displayxmas181$59.99CAD
Frame Mounted Wing Chun Wooden DummyN101$1,495.00CAD
Frank Cuccis Navy Seal Team Combat Series TitlesSEALD$29.99CAD
Free Sparring in Nature School with Liang Shouzhong (2 DVDs)KFU1119$49.99CAD
Free Standing Wing Chun Wooden DummyN103$1,195.00CAD
Freestanding Bag Base CoverKFU11921$49.95CAD
Full Head Gear with Face ShieldKFU1123$124.99CAD
Fundamentals of Shaolin Kung FuKFU16$49.99CAD
Gary Lam - Devastating Chi-Sao CROSSING HAND System Vol 1KFU305$59.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD : Awesome Kicking Technique InstructionalKFU306$49.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD : Backyard Wing Chun Chi Sao Series # 1KFU307$29.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD : Secrets Hands Of Wing Chun "Pho Phai"KFU308$29.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD : Seminar : Fighting StrategyKFU309$35.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD : Seminar : The Philosophy Of Wing Chun FightingKFU310$49.99CAD
Gary Lam - DVD The Complete System Of Wooden DummyKFU313$69.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD:Level 1: Wing Chun Kicking 1 InstructionalKFU311$59.95CAD
Gary Lam - DVD:Level 2: Devastating Chi-Sao Crossing Hand 2 InstKFU312$64.99CAD
Gemma Nguyen Rock Solid Kicking189347D$39.99CAD
GloChucks Lightstick RefillsKFU12084$15.99CAD
Glow ChukKFU12083$44.95CAD
Grandmaster James Lacy Dim Mak Series TitlesDIMD$29.99CAD
Grandmaster Philip Holder Wing Chun Kung Fu Series TitlesPHLDD$29.99CAD
Grandmaster Visitacions Vee Jitsu Arnis Te Series TitlesKFU11107$29.99CAD
Grant Speed Hand WrapsTNA07$24.99CAD
Graphite Dragon Kama12781$89.99CAD
Graphite Tiger Kama12783$79.99CAD
Graphite.Tiger Escrima12861$59.99CAD
Greco Roman Self Defense Series TitlesGRECOD$29.99CAD
Gustavo Dantas Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series TitlesDANTASD$39.99CAD
Hand Carved Escrima StickKFU65$17.99CAD
Hand Carved Straight Rattan BoKFU43$49.99CAD
Hand Forearm ArmorKFU11139$39.99CAD
Hand Wraps-116 inchesKFU11185$12.99CAD
Hand Wraps-180 inchesKFU11186$15.99CAD
Hard Side Staff CasesKFU12090$44.99CAD
Hard WhipKFU650$139.99CAD
Heavy Duty Handwrapskfu12799$12.99CAD
Hidden Weapons (double DVD)KFU1006$59.95CAD
High Quality TasselKFU652$19.99CAD
Holographic Prism BoKFU630$79.99CAD
Hook SpearKFU565$149.95CAD
Horse Knife Master KitKFU12229$149.95CAD
How To Defeat The Bully The Smart Way Series Titles18509D$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Eight Form Boxing with Di GuoyongKFU1094$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Eight Word Skill with Di GuoyongKFU1099$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Five Element Boxing with Di GuoyongKFU1098$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Five Element Broadsword with Di GuoyongKFU1096$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Five Element Staff with Di GuoyongKFU1092$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Five Element Sword with Di GuoyongKFU1097$39.99CAD
Hsing-I Mixed Styles Boxing with Di GuoyongKFU1095$39.99CAD
Huang Feihong Nan Quan: 38 Forms of Jinglong Life EnhancementKFU1103$39.99CAD
Huang Feihong Nan Quan: Buddhist Arhat BoxingKFU1109$39.95CAD
Huang Feihong Nan Quan: Routine 1 of Feihong QuanKFU1100$39.99CAD
Huang Feihong Nan Quan: Routine II of Feihong QuanKFU1101$39.99CAD
Huang Feihong Nan Wuan: Yongchun QuanKFU1102$39.99CAD
Hung Gar Series TitlesGARD$29.99CAD
Intermediate Knife Disarming189108D$29.99CAD
Intl Wushu Competition Form: Broadsword Play with Liu ZhenjuanKFU1090$39.99CAD
Intl Wushu Competition Form: Long Style Boxing with with Liu ZheKFU1089$39.99CAD
Intl Wushu Competition Form: Staff Play with Liu ZhenjuanKFU1091$39.99CAD
Intl Wushu Competition Form: Sword Play DVD with Liu ZhenjuanKFU1149$39.99CAD
Introductory Shaolin and Lian Bu ChuanKFU46$35.95CAD
Iron Body Masters KitKFU12228$149.95CAD
Iron-on Chevron PatchesKFU12142$8.99CAD
ITF: International Taekwon-do Federation's Complete 5 DVDsdvdcombo1$95.00CAD
ITF: International Taekwon-do Federations Complete Taekwon-do189167D$34.99CAD
IWUF Official Competition Broadswordsl022$149.00CAD
Jacob Kabel Rock Solid: Advanced Sword Series Titles189341D$39.99CAD
James Solis Rock Solid: Tricks Series Titles189342D$29.99CAD
Jason Delucias Combat Aikido Series TitlesDELUCIAD$29.99CAD
Jeet Kune Do for Real-World CombatVUNAKD$29.99CAD
Jessica Mellon Rock Solid: Musical Forms189353D$29.99CAD
Joshua Quartin Championship Sword189154D$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu Series: SwordplayKFU1145$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Basic SkillsKFU1088$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Broadsword PlayKFU1086$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Routine I of Chang QuanKFU1084$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Routine II of Chang QuanKFU1083$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Routine III of Chang QuanKFU1087$39.99CAD
Juvenile Wushu: Staff PlayKFU1085$39.99CAD
Kajukenbo Series TitlesKFU11110$29.99CAD
Kali Silat Entries and TakedownsKFU12104$39.95CAD
Kama/Yin Yang PatchKFU606$8.99CAD
Kanji Engraved Shirasayasl012$119.99CAD
Kanji Engraved Swordsl008$109.99CAD
Karate Body with Whitney Harchanko189444D$39.95CAD
Karate MittsKFU40$39.99CAD
Karate Tribal Beanie452$19.99CAD
Kendo ShinaiKFU556$49.99CAD
Kickboxing Lace Up Training GlovesKFU11557$59.95CAD
Kickboxing Open Face HeadgearKFU11560$54.99CAD
Kickboxing pantsXM01$29.95CAD
Kicking Forearm ShieldKFU162$64.99CAD
Kid Kick BlockerKFU147$34.99CAD
Kid Kick Punching BagKFU15002$179.99CAD
Kid Kick ShieldKFU163$55.99CAD
Kimber Hill Lil Dragon Secrets to Sign Up189219D$34.99CAD
Kung FuKFU182$39.99CAD
Kung Fu Jacket - Interloop ButtonKFU20000$69.95CAD
Kung Fu Panda: Master of Disaster160132$9.99CAD
Kung Fu Panda: The Junior Novel160127$11.99CAD
Kung Fu Panda: The Warriors Guide161031$24.99CAD
Kung Fu PantKFU27$44.99CAD
Kung Fu Rubber DuckKFU11588$15.99CAD
Kung Fu San Soo Series TitlesKFU12135$29.95CAD
Kung Fu SashesKFU32$19.99CAD
Kung Fu TopKFU12010$69.99CAD
Kung Fu Trim Interloop Jacketkfu12813$89.99CAD
Kung Fu Uniform with Dragon Designkfu12812$89.99CAD
Kwan DaoKFU11145$14.95CAD
Kwan Dao - Wushu SteelKFU646$149.99CAD
Kwan Dao Master KitKFU12220$179.95CAD
Kwandao Shaolin KungfuKFU17$49.99CAD
Kyokushinkai TitlesKFU12136$29.95CAD
Lauren Kearney Rock Solid Bo Techniques Series Titles189215D$39.99CAD
Layered Wristwrap Boxing Adult Glove 12oz.KFU11240$59.99CAD
Leather Fight Glove143000$79.99CAD
Leather Headgear143007$119.99CAD
Leather Heavy Bag Glove143003$109.99CAD
Leather IMF Headgear143008$109.99CAD
Leather Jump RopeKFU11576$21.99CAD
Leather Medicine Ball10881$115.00CAD
Leather Open Palm Gloves143014$79.99CAD
Leather Shin Instep Guard143006$119.99CAD
Leather Speed Bag Glove143004$69.99CAD
Legends of Martial Arts with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace189501D$39.99CAD
License Plate13615$19.99CAD
License Plate Frame13614$19.99CAD
Lifting Strapskfu12579$19.75CAD
Light Wushu Broadswordsl027$69.99CAD
Lighter Weight BokkenKFU554$27.99CAD
Lightweight Nandao (Southern Broadsword)KFU100$69.95CAD
Lightweight Tai Chi DaoKFU653$69.99CAD
Lil Dragon ABC Bully Defense A: Avoid the Bully189227D$39.99CAD
Lil Dragon ABC Bully Defense B: Bargin With The Bully189228D$39.99CAD
Lil Dragon ABC Bully Defense C: Control The Bully189229D$39.99CAD
Lil Dragon BlockerKFU148$34.99CAD
Lil Dragon CertificateKFU12162$12.99CAD
Lil Dragon Coloring BookKFU11166$12.99CAD
Lil Dragon Hand Targetkfu12798$34.99CAD
Lil Dragon Infant UniformKFU11102$49.99CAD
Lil Dragon Sling Packkfu12776$24.99CAD
Lil Dragon UniformKFU11101$54.99CAD
Lil Dragon UniformKFU12035$59.99CAD
Lil Dragon WavemasterKFU550$159.99CAD
Liu He Quan with Shi DeyangKFU1064$39.99CAD
Long Resistance Band With HandlesKFU11572$9.99CAD
MA School Success TitlesWOODD$29.99CAD
Macho Chest guardsl202$95.00CAD
Makiwara BoardKFU12172$49.99CAD
Marcel Jones Rock Solid: Hand Techniques189440D$29.99CAD
Marcel Jones Rock Solid:Tricking189442D$29.99CAD
Martial Arts Scrollkfu12806$44.99CAD
Master Diego Perez Creative Warm Ups Series TitlesKFU12126$39.95CAD
Master Dr. Daniel Lees Tai Chi Chuan Series TitlesCHIDV$29.99CAD
Master Eric Lees Kung Fu Training Series TitlesKFU1151$24.99CAD
Master Masayuki Shimbukuros Samurai Sword Series TitlesSSD$29.99CAD
Matt Emig Rock Solid Chuk Techniques Series Titles189286D$39.99CAD
Matt Mullins Basic Tricks Book and DVD Combo16009$49.99CAD
Medicine Ball Training For Judo189133D$29.99CAD
Mesh Sport BagKfu11199$39.99CAD
Mesh Tote BagKFU11198$26.99CAD
Meteor Hammer DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1059$39.99CAD
Michael Hodges Sai18343D$39.99CAD
Mike Swain Basic Judo18002D$29.99CAD
Mike Swain DVD Combo Set189130D$39.99CAD
Mini Samurai Sword12373$39.99CAD
Mixed Martial Arts Fight GloveKFU11538$69.99CAD
MMA Fight ShortsKFU12183$59.99CAD
MMA Fight Shorts - BlackKFU12185$59.99CAD
MMA Oval Beanie460$19.99CAD
MMA Traditional ShortsKFU12184$59.95CAD
Moi Fah (The Plum Flower) Shaolin #7KFU25$49.95CAD
Moi Fah - Shaolin #7 DVDKFU623$49.95CAD
Monkey Fung Fu Series TitlesZDV$29.99CAD
Mooto F Light Footwear ShoesKFU11673$94.99CAD
Motivational Belt DisplaySL301101$69.95CAD
Muay Thai ShortsKFU11188$55.99CAD
Mudo Forearmtna50$34.99CAD
MUDO Groin Guard(Male)tna55$35.99CAD
Mudo New Body Protector(reversible)tna56$79.99CAD
Mudo Shin Guardtna51$39.99CAD
Mudo Shin-Insteptna52$44.99CAD
Mudo Sparring gear setSPAR1$259.99CAD
Mudo TKD ShoesKFU11517$49.99CAD
MUDO TKD V-Neck UniformKFU11215$49.99CAD
Nan Dao (Southern Broadsword)SL029$89.95CAD
Natural Finish Single Taper Wax Wood StaffKFU644$35.99CAD
Neoprene Bag GloveKFU11235$54.99CAD
NEW COLOURS! Mouthpiece CaseKFU538$7.99CAD
NEW ON DVD! FirewalkKFU1173$29.99CAD
NEW! 77 Fun and Exciting Martial Arts Drills18298D$44.99CAD
NEW! Aero Kicks18304D$39.99CAD
NEW! Jissen Jinenkan KobudoSANDHUD$39.95CAD
NEW! Knock Out and Power Kicking18295D$39.95CAD
NEW! Martial Armor VestKFU11137$89.99CAD
NEW! P2 Chest GuardKFU11119$89.99CAD
NEW! Power Training18191D$59.99CAD
NEW! TKD Klozer Cap409$29.99CAD
NEW! White to Black Belt18337D$99.95CAD
NEW! Zen Man18326D$34.95CAD
Nilson Reis and Joselito Santos Capoeira Series TitlesKFU1168$29.99CAD
Nilson Reis and Joselito Santos Capoeira Series TitlesKFU12133$29.95CAD
Nine Section Whip (DVD)KFU1007$39.99CAD
Nine-Section Whip Chain Shaolin KungfuKFU18$49.99CAD
Ninja Battle Sword123729$79.99CAD
Ninja StarsKFU516$15.99CAD
Ninja UniformKFU12042$119.99CAD
Ninja weapon - Ninja Foot Spikekfu12817$34.99CAD
Ninja weapon - Ninja Grappling Hookkfu12818$64.99CAD
Ninja Weapon - Ninja Hand Clawkfu12816$29.99CAD
Ninjas - Ninjas Steel Fankfu12815$49.95CAD
Nishiuchi Traditional Okinawan Kobudo Weaponry Series TitlesKOBUDOD$34.99CAD
Northern Chain Whip Master KitKFU12226$159.95CAD
Northern Shaolin ShoesKFU29$39.99CAD
Nunchaku/Yin Yang PatchKFU608$8.99CAD
Octagon Chrome SaiKFU70$90.99CAD
Open Thumb Bag Gloves14735$25.99CAD
Original WavemasterKFU11226$199.99CAD
Oversized Bag Gloves14935P$34.99CAD
P2 BootsKFU11117$59.99CAD
P2 Full Face Headgearkfu12760$139.99CAD
P2 HeadgearKFU11115$59.99CAD
P2 Shin GuardKFU11118$48.99CAD
Padded Ankle Strapkfu12574$7.99CAD
Padded Weapons Head Gear11485$79.99CAD
Pagoda Belt Display - Table top13040$119.95CAD
Panic Attack Self DefensePANICD$29.99CAD
Patch AttachKFU591$6.99CAD
Pencak Silat Series TitlesSILATD$29.99CAD
Plum Blossom Crutch DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1056$39.99CAD
Plum Flower Chain Whip Master KitKFU12211$195.95CAD
Polypropylene TonfasWEP101$39.99CAD
Power Belt Stripeskfu12785$6.99CAD
Power Hookskfu12573$15.00CAD
PowerLine Force ShieldKFU166$149.99CAD
Powerline Slammer ShieldKFU167$159.99CAD
Powerline WavemasterKFU11227$249.99CAD
Practical AikidoKFU12093$39.99CAD
Practice Gunkfu12793$14.99CAD
Praying Mantis Kung Fu By Sifu Raul Ortiz Series TitlesMANDV$29.99CAD
Pressure Point TechniquesPOINTD$29.99CAD
Preston Clements Rock Solid Sparring Series Titles189276D$39.99CAD
Pro Baton with Side HandleKFU11151$32.99CAD
Professional Fight GlovesKFU15000$119.95CAD
Protective Flex Cup by Shock DoctorKFU11134$27.99CAD
Pull Up Barkfu12559$19.00CAD
Punching Pads for Wooden DummyKFU11154$69.99CAD
Push Up Barskfu12558$17.55CAD
Puzzle Sport MatKFU177$59.99CAD
Pwang Gai Noon Series TitlesKFU1188$29.99CAD
Qigong Massageymaad0592$64.99CAD
Rebreakable BoardsKFU11183$59.99CAD
Resin FramesKFU11627$32.99CAD
Ringside Wrap Training Gloves14718$49.99CAD
Ringstar Fight Shoe82000$119.99CAD
Robert Busseys Hand to Hand Combat Series TitlesKFU1177$29.99CAD
Robin Decker Fit and Fabulous Body Tonics SeriesKFU12119$39.95CAD
Robin Decker Fit and Fabulous Pilates SeriesKFU12120$39.95CAD
Rock Solid Competition Bo Staff with Jarrett Leiker189328D$29.99CAD
Rock Solid Selects: Tricks, Kicks and Sparring189335D$24.99CAD
Ron Baliki and Diana Insanto Filipino Weapons Series TitlesKFU12106$39.95CAD
Roots and Branches of Wing TsunKFU616$89.99CAD
Rope Dart (DVD)KFU1008$39.99CAD
Round Chrome SaiKFU71$90.99CAD
Round Tsubasl006$279.00CAD
Routine I Of Big Cannon Boxing with Shi DeyangKFU1051$39.99CAD
Routine I of nanyuan Big Arms-through BoxingKFU1073$39.99CAD
Routine I of Shaolin Mizong QuanKFU1071$39.99CAD
Routine II of Nanyuan Big Arms-through BoxingKFU1070$39.99CAD
Routine II of Small Arms Through Boxingwith Shi DeyangKFU1054$39.99CAD
Rubber GunKFU517$17.99CAD
Rubber KnifeKFU518$12.99CAD
Saber Fundamental Trainingymaad1088$49.99CAD
Sai CaseKFU532$34.99CAD
Sai/Yin Yang PatchKFU607$4.99CAD
Samurai Decal$119.99CAD
Samurai Hanbo DVDHANBOD$24.99CAD
Samurai Spirit Engraved Swordsl009$109.95CAD
Samurai-Time SoldiersKFU11653$28.95CAD
Sanda Basic Skill Training 2 Set with Yang XiaojunKFU1106$59.99CAD
Sanda Body Techniques & Blocks with Yang XiaojunKFU1105$39.99CAD
Sanda Kicks 2 Set with Yang XiaojunKFU1108$59.99CAD
Sanda Knee and Elbow Strikes with Yang XiaojunKFU1104$39.99CAD
Sanda Wrestling Skills with Yang XiaojunKFU1107$39.99CAD
Sanshou/Sanda - Hit Exercise & Hit-resistive ExercKFU1148$39.99CAD
Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series TitlesKFU11104$39.99CAD
Scrapbook PaperKFU11639$14.99CAD
Secret Iron Palm Training VideoKFU24$69.95CAD
Sensei Kimber Hill Obstacle Course Skills Series Titles189298D$39.99CAD
Shaoliln Thirteen-Movement SpearKFU1032$39.99CAD
Shaolin - Seven-star Boxing (DVD)KFU1147$39.99CAD
Shaolin Arhat Fist Routine TwoKFU1034$59.99CAD
Shaolin Ba Duan Jin with Shi DeyangKFU1065$39.99CAD
Shaolin Baji QuanKFU1039$39.99CAD
Shaolin Basic Skills DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1045$39.99CAD
Shaolin Big Hong Quan DVDKFU1014$39.99CAD
Shaolin Bodhidharma Straight Sword with Shi DeciKFU1114$39.99CAD
Shaolin Bodhidharma"s Cane with Shi DeyangKFU1072$39.99CAD
Shaolin Breeze SwordKFU1021$39.99CAD
Shaolin Broadsword SetKFU09$49.95CAD
Shaolin Chaoyang Fist DVDKFU1015$39.99CAD
Shaolin Defending the Heart Fist 2 DVDKFU1013$59.95CAD
Shaolin Double SpearsKFU1018$39.99CAD
Shaolin Double WhipsKFU1031$39.99CAD
Shaolin Dragon Fist DVD with Shi DeciKFU1043$39.99CAD
Shaolin Dragon Movement Straight Sword DVDkfu627$49.95CAD
Shaolin Elementary Changquan DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1055$39.99CAD
Shaolin Fanzi QuanKFU1035$39.99CAD
Shaolin Fengmo Cudgel (Staff) with Shi DeyangKFU1060$39.99CAD
Shaolin Fire Staff DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1062$39.99CAD
Shaolin Five Animals Imitation & 16 Techniques Style DVDKFU1017$39.99CAD
Shaolin Five Tiger Killing Sheep Broadsword with Shi DeyangKFU1050$39.99CAD
Shaolin Guandong Fist DVDKFU1012$39.99CAD
Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training DVDKFU503$89.99CAD
Shaolin Mizong Quan II with Shi DeyangKFU1077$39.99CAD
Shaolin Mountain-shaking StaffKFU1023$39.99CAD
Shaolin Nine Province Eyebrow Height StaffKFU10$49.95CAD
Shaolin Plum-blossom Hongyang StaffKFU1037$39.99CAD
Shaolin Pu BroadswordKFU1140$39.99CAD
Shaolin Pu Broadsword DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1049$39.99CAD
Shaolin Qimei StaffKFU1036$39.99CAD
Shaolin Saber Basic Sequencesymaad0616$49.99CAD
Shaolin Secret Iron Palm Master KitKFU12227$174.95CAD
Shaolin Seven Star FistKFU1026$39.99CAD
Shaolin Single Broadsword DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1048$39.99CAD
Shaolin Small Arms Though Boxing with Shi DeciKFU1113$39.99CAD
Shaolin Spade with Shi DeyangKFU1066$39.99CAD
Shaolin Spear DVDKFU628$49.95CAD
Shaolin Taizu Chang Quan DVDKFU1016$39.99CAD
Shaolin Three-section StaffKFU1019$39.99CAD
Shaolin Tiger-style BoxingKFU1033$39.99CAD
Shaolin White Crane Gong Fu Course 1 & 2KFU189$89.99CAD
Shaolin Wushu Hand FormsKFU272$39.99CAD
Shaolin Wushu Weapons FormsKFU273$39.99CAD
Shaolin Xiao Hong QuanKFU1028$39.99CAD
Shaolin Yin Hand StaffKFU1042$39.99CAD
Shaolin Yin-yang StaffKFU1029$39.99CAD
Shaolin Ying Kung FuKFU1030$59.99CAD
Shaolin Zhui Feng Gan Yue BroadswordKFU1022$39.99CAD
Shaozi Cudgel (Staff) with Shi DeyangKFU1052$39.99CAD
Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi Weapons Series SetMIKIOD$34.99CAD
Shin Instep ArmorKFU11138$39.99CAD
Shock Doctor BracesKFU545$44.99CAD
Shock Doctor CaseKFU540$15.99CAD
Shock Doctor ProKFU542$14.99CAD
Shuai Jiao Series TitlesKFU12137$24.95CAD
Shuri Shindo Ryu Series TitlesKFU1191$29.99CAD
Sifu Chow - Volume 1: Siu Lim Tau FormKFU276$39.99CAD
Sifu Chow :Wing Chun Wooden Dummy TrainingKFU275$39.99CAD
Sifu Chow Volume 2: Long Range Entry MovesKFU315$39.99CAD
Sifu Chow: Volume 3: Close Range Sticky HandsKFU316$39.99CAD
Sifu Chow:Volume 4: Ground Range SubmissionsKFU317$39.99CAD
Silat for Street Self Defense with Richard ClearCLEARD$39.99CAD
Simple Qigong Exercises for Arthritis Reliefymaad0890$39.99CAD
Simple Qigong Exercises for Back Pain Reliefymaad0883$39.99CAD
Simplified Tai Chi Chuan with Applicationsymaad0630$39.99CAD
Single BlockerKFU149$49.99CAD
Single Broadswordsl028$149.95CAD
Single Broadsword Shaolin KungfuKFU19$49.99CAD
Single Hand Nunchakus DVDKFU1010$39.99CAD
Single MouthpieceKFU11565$4.99CAD
Single Stripe Team UniformKFU573$89.95CAD
Single Tai Chi Wushu Steelsl026$95.00CAD
Single Vinyl Focus TargetKFU176$49.99CAD
Single Weave Jiu-Jitsu Uniform4001$129.95CAD
Single Weave Student Judo Uniform with Drawstring WaistKFU635$94.95CAD
Single Weave Student Judo Uniform with Elastic WaistKFU634$84.99CAD
Siu Nim Tau: Set,Theory, Motts & ApplicationsKFU07$24.99CAD
Skipping Rope: SteelKFU11131$19.99CAD
Small Arhat Boxing With Shi DeyangKFU1044$39.99CAD
Small Arms-through Boxing IKFU1143$39.99CAD
Small Arms-through Boxing IIKFU1144$39.99CAD
Small Cannon Boxing DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1057$39.99CAD
Small Thai Pad103003$89.99CAD
Snowman Ornaments13315$19.99CAD
Solid BeltsKFU12055$14.99CAD
Solid Rank Belt Keychainkfu12783$9.99CAD
Solo Training DVDtudvd-slt$39.95CAD
Southern Double Chain Whip Master KitKFU12212$239.95CAD
Spear Master KitKFU12219$189.99CAD
Speed RopeKFU11577$14.99CAD
Spinning Chain Whip on the GroundKFU11$59.95CAD
Spiral Keychain1328$24.99CAD
Sport Bag all-in-oneKFU11547$39.99CAD
Sprawl Gripflex Red Shorts9009$79.99CAD
Sprawl Gripflex Shorts Black/Camo9010$79.99CAD
Sprawl Long Sleeve Grappling Top9592$54.99CAD
Sprawl V-Flex XT - Split Seam Red9004$74.99CAD
Square Hand Targetkfu12795$34.99CAD
Staff Master KitKFU12216$195.95CAD
Star PatchesKFU12141$13.99CAD
Star Tsuba Swordsl002$129.99CAD
Starring Jean FrenneteKFU11111$29.99CAD
Starring Master Keith KilmanKFU1193$29.99CAD
Starring Master Tat Mau WongKFU1150$24.99CAD
Starring Tony BlauerKFU11103$29.99CAD
Stay Safe Self-Defense with Clay Worley189196D$39.99CAD
Steve Sokol Presents Rescue Your Back!KFU12117$29.95CAD
Steve Sokol Presents Watch Your BackKFU12116$29.95CAD
Steve Sokols Back To HealthKFU12118$29.95CAD
Steve Sokols Super Abs Advanced DVDKFU12128$29.95CAD
Steve Sokols Super Abs Series TitlesKFU12127$29.95CAD
Straight Hardwood BoKFU54$49.99CAD
Straight Sword Master KitKFU12218$189.95CAD
Street Self Defense Series TitlesKFU11105$29.99CAD
Stretch Hand WrapsKFU11187$15.99CAD
Striking Bag 1 CompartmentKFU08$27.99CAD
String Foam NunchakuKFU331$19.99CAD
Striped Black BeltsKFU12048$15.99CAD
Striped White BeltsKFU12051$13.99CAD
Student HeadgearKFU131$49.99CAD
Student Hi-Top BootsKFU134$44.99CAD
Student Shin GuardsKFU11569$39.99CAD
Student Sparring Gear Gift SetR-SC$159.99CAD
Students GlovesKFU143$44.99CAD
Sunrise Tai Chiymaad0274$39.99CAD
Sunrise Tai Chiymaab0838$26.95CAD
Sunset Tai Chi - Relax and Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spiritymaad0760$39.99CAD
Superior Stretching VersaflexKFU11304$299.95CAD
Sword Fundamental Trainingymaad1095$49.99CAD
T1 Team UniformKFU578$89.95CAD
Tae Kwon Do - by Richard Chunymaab0869$39.95CAD
Tai Chi Chuan PatchKFU594$4.99CAD
Tai Chi Connectionsymaad0444$39.99CAD
Tai Chi Energy Patternsymaad0525$49.99CAD
Tai Chi Uniform$139.99CAD
Taiji & Shaolin Staff Fundamental Trainingymaad0906$49.99CAD
Taiji 37-Postures Martial Applicationsymaad1057$49.99CAD
Taiji Ball Qigong Courses 1 & 2ymaad0517$49.99CAD
Taiji Fighting Set - 88 Posture, 2-Person Matching Setymaad0509$59.99CAD
Taiji Pushing Hands Courses 1 & 2ymaad0495$49.99CAD
Taiji Pushing Hands Courses 3 & 4ymaad0681$49.99CAD
Taiji Saber, Classical Yang Styleymaad1026$49.99CAD
Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Styleymaad0452$49.99CAD
Taiji Wrestling - Advanced Takedown Techniquesymaad1064$49.99CAD
Taiji Yin/Yang Sticking Handsymaad1040$49.99CAD
Taijiquan Classical Yang Styleymaad645$49.99CAD
Taizu Chang Quan DVD with Shi DeyangKFU1053$39.99CAD
Takeout for Two Book162004$17.95CAD
Tan Tuy (Springing Legs)KFU12$49.95CAD
Tanto, Wooden KnifeKFU551$13.99CAD
Tapered Ash Competition BoKFU03$69.00CAD
Tapered Graphite Eagle Bo124452$79.99CAD
Tapered Graphite Tiger Bo124453$99.99CAD
Tapered Hardwood BoKFU55$44.99CAD
Tapered Square TonfaKFU323$54.99CAD
Tapered Ultra Light White Lotus BoKFU56$49.99CAD
Tapered White Wood Lotus Kanji BoKFU58$49.99CAD
Templeton Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fun Skills and Drills Titles189255D$39.99CAD
The Body BookKFU11649$23.99CAD
The Bonsai Kit162002$39.99CAD
The Fan Master KitKFU12215$89.95CAD
The Fortune Cookie Book162005$14.95CAD
The Girls Yoga BookKFU11692$17.99CAD
The Secrets of Breaking DVDtudvd-brk$29.95CAD
The Skin You Live InKFU11650$23.99CAD
The SlammerKFU168$124.99CAD
Thomas Sipin: Hardened Target Self DefenseSIPIN1D$34.99CAD
Thomas Sipin: Intermediate EskrimaSIPIN3D$39.99CAD
Three Section StaffKFU227$39.99CAD
Three Section Staff Master KitKFU12224$139.99CAD
Tiger Head Hook Swords Master KitKFU12223$169.95CAD
Tiger Iron Palm Master KitKFU12214$248.95CAD
Tiger PatchKFU593$12.99CAD
Tiger-Dragon PatchKFU612$15.99CAD
TKD Kanji Twill Cap378$19.99CAD
TKD Knit Cap397$29.99CAD
TKD Oval Beanie457$19.99CAD
TKD WavemasterKFU549$329.99CAD
TKD WTF Hand Protector10-590W$35.99CAD
Tonfa BatonTNA02$69.95CAD
Tonfa Hard PlasticKFU11133$25.99CAD
Tonfa/Yin Yang PatchKFU603$8.99CAD
TP Hardware Rubber Training KnifeKFU11231$29.99CAD
TPR Athletic CupKFU537$14.99CAD
Traditional Green Dragon Kwan DaoKFU643$199.99CAD
Traditional KeikogiKFU12038$94.99CAD
Traditional Kung Fu SpearKFU104$59.95CAD
Traditional Team Uniform4517$79.95CAD
Traditional Wing Chun 4 DVD Set with Mai YaomingKFU1005$160.00CAD
Training GlovesKFU11237$54.99CAD
Training Series TitlesMCIAD$29.99CAD
Training Tonfa BatonKFU12064$59.95CAD
Tricep Ropekfu12571$25.00CAD
Troy Dorsey Boxing Techniques Series TitlesKFU12100$39.95CAD
Troy Dorsey Focus Mitt Drills Series TitlesKFU12101$39.95CAD
Tuck Under CupKFU129$14.99CAD
Tumbling For Martial Artist DVDTUMAD$29.99CAD
Tun Da (The Short Strike) Shaolin #6KFU13$49.95CAD
Twisting Spear Shaolin KungfuKFU20$49.99CAD
Two Section Staff (Chang Xiao Ban)KFU647$79.99CAD
Two Tone BeltsKFU12053$14.99CAD
Two-Person Hand Sparring DVDKFU626$49.95CAD
UFC Grappling DummyKFU12182$219.99CAD
UFC Jump Rope1535$49.99CAD
UFC Weighted VestNY03$119.00CAD
UFC® 60 Lbs Tear Drop Bagkfu12758$259.99CAD
UFC® Brick Logo9970$29.95CAD
UFC® Compression Short with Cup14183P$54.99CAD
UFC® Gel Wrap1482C$29.99CAD
UFC® Grappling Dummy- 100 lb101101b$269.99CAD
UFC® Grappling Dummy-130 lb101101c$299.99CAD
UFC® Grappling Dummy-70 lb101101a$229.95CAD
UFC® Iceman Tee9688$39.95CAD
UFC® Logo Red TeeKFU11825$32.95CAD
UFC® Official Fight Glove143441$109.99CAD
UFC® Practice Gloves148085P$54.95CAD
UFC® Rampage Tee9687$39.99CAD
UFC® Shield Tee9975$29.95CAD
UFC® Shin/Instep Guards145104$129.99CAD
UFC® Shoulder Logo Tee9973$29.95CAD
UFC® Training Glove143411$59.99CAD
UFC® White SkullKFU11828$32.95CAD
UFC® Wing Logo Tee9971$29.95CAD
Ultimate Fitness for Martial ArtsKFU12113$59.95CAD
Ultimate Flexibility: Stretching for Martial Arts DVDtudvd-flex$29.95CAD
Ultimate UFC® MMA GloveKFU12180$69.00CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 1ymaad069x$49.99CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 2ymaad0418$49.99CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 3ymaad0555$49.99CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 4ymaad0562$49.99CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 5ymaad0753$49.99CAD
Understanding Qigong DVD 6ymaad0913$49.99CAD
Vinyl Bag GlovesKFU11128$21.99CAD
Wall Mount Belt Displaykfu12805$79.99CAD
Wall Mount Sword Rackkfu12797$59.99CAD
Wavemaster Karate Drills180440D$29.99CAD
Wavemaster XXLKFU546$499.99CAD
Wavemaster® Workout DVD with Beth Morrison189495D$29.99CAD
Weapons of the OrientKAD$29.99CAD
Weapons of the OrientFAD$29.99CAD
Weapons of the OrientBOD$29.99CAD
Weapons of the OrientND$29.99CAD
Weapons of the Orient Series TitlesSD$29.99CAD
Weapons Sai Stand123$44.99CAD
White Striped BeltsKFU12052$13.99CAD
White Wax Tapered BoKFU44$44.99CAD
Will Figgins Jeet Kune Do189149D$39.99CAD
Wind Demon Staff Shaolin KungfuKFU21$49.99CAD
Wing Chun Seeking BridgeKFU1003$39.99CAD
Wing Chun Shooting FingersKFU1002$39.99CAD
Wing Chun Wooden Dummy DVD with Peng ShusongKFU1001$39.99CAD
Wing Chun Wooden Dummy TrainingKFU12179$39.99CAD
Wing Chun Xiao Lian Tou DVD with Peng ShusongKFU1000$39.99CAD
Wing Chun: Staff and SabreKFU1004$39.99CAD
WingTsun Chi-SauKFU1136$29.99CAD
Wolf Teeth ClubKFU642$169.99CAD
Womens Boxing GloveKFU11570$59.99CAD
Womens Open Palm/Finger Bag Gloves14998$54.95CAD
Wood Picture FramesKFU11631$25.99CAD
Wooden Bench Master KitKFU12213$249.99CAD
Wooden BroadswordKFU107$39.99CAD
Wooden Straight SwordKFU108$34.99CAD
Wristwrap Boxing GlovesKFU11535$64.99CAD
WTF Foot ProtectorKFU11527$35.99CAD
Wu Shu BasicsKFU194$39.99CAD
Wudang Taijiquanymaad1217$49.99CAD
Wushu Double Sided HalberdKFU563$179.99CAD
Wushu Long Stick AxeKFU560$159.99CAD
Wushu Single Sided HalberdKFU645$179.99CAD
Wushu Steel BroadswordKFU90$99.95CAD
Wushu Steel Double Broadswords with CaseKFU92$119.95CAD
Wushu Steel Monk SpadeKFU562$149.99CAD
Wushu Steel Tiger ForkKFU559$179.99CAD
Xiao Hong Quan 2 Set with Shi DeyangKFU1081$59.99CAD
Xingyi Twelve-style BoxingKFU1146$39.99CAD
XMA Aluminum Kamaxak$89.99CAD
XMA Distressed Capxrh14$24.99CAD
XMA Performance Staff SolidKFU631$119.99CAD
XMA Serrated (Wave) Competition Swordxs2$369.99CAD
XMA Xtreme Competition Swordxs1$329.99CAD
XMA® Single Sword CaseXSC$119.99CAD
Yin Hand Cudgel (Staff) with Shi DeyangKFU1069$39.99CAD
Yip Man PosterKFU615$29.99CAD
Yoga Boardkfu12342$89.99CAD
Youth BokkenKFU553$27.99CAD
Youth Boxing Glove10662$44.99CAD
Youth Foam BokkenKFU11194$27.99CAD
Zhaoyang Quan with Shi DeyangKFU1078$39.99CAD
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