Traditional and versatile, this polyester/cotton middleweight, double-wrap belt includes seven rows of stitching.Imported
Adidas Club Belt Sale
Includes eight rows of stitching and finished, sewn ends. Double wrap. Imported. Width: 1-3/4’’ Sizes: 0-7 Colors: White, Yellow, Green,...
$14.95 $29.95 -50.08347245409015%
Kung Fu Sashes Sale
Soft, sleek and traditional sashes. Constructed of a shiny acetate fabric that is dry clean only. Colors: White, Gold, Orange, Green,...
$10.99 $19.99 -45.02251125562781%
Adidas 1 3/4" Black Belt New Sale
100% Cotton Belt. Made In Korea.
$34.95 $39.95 -12.515644555694617%
This double-wrap belt features a 0.5" black stripe on the front side and six rows of chain stitching. Made of...